Die studiomuc-Apartments sind zu 100% verkauft…Wir danken für Ihr Vertrauen!…Vermietung läuft ab sofort…Lassen Sie sich für künftige Apartment-Projekte vormerken…
An idea is taking shape:
construction work has begun on the studiomuc development.
Form your own impression of the construction site at Schwere-Reiter Str./corner of Ackermannstr., Munich-Schwabing, right next to Olympic Park .

A tried-and-tested concept has been re-thought, re-planned and re-defined.

Investing capital in a property is uniquely fascinating, because as an investment object it has greater vitality than many of the alternatives. The more accurately a property development reflects the lifestyle and ‘zeitgeist’ of its future residents, the more successful it will be.

As a result the STUDIOMUC project has been planned to the highest possible architectural and commercial standards. The result is an innovative apartment culture which in a spatial and contemporary context redefines the quality norm for service apartments as a property class in Munich. With their sophisticated design, efficiency and modernity the STUDIOMUC apartments don't simply fulfil the rational expectations of investors in an ideal way: they also provide the pleasure of owning something distinctive. But why not see for yourself?