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Concierge for house and residents

We arrive in a new city wanting to explore but feeling uncertain at the same time. It’s therefore good when someone gives you a friendly welcome and is there for you when you need help: the concierge at STUDIOMUC is the right contact person for all contingencies.

The concierge service is for residents of STUDIOMUC what the secretary is to the CEO. Much more than a simple convenience – someone who is a real help in everyday matters and saves you a lot of time. Taking delivery of parcels, calling a taxi, providing ideas for leisure time activities – all the things which make life complicated after a hard day of work can quickly be delegated. To make sure that all this functions smoothly this service is provided by a professional service company. Residents can either contact their local concierge or use the online concierge app developed specifically for STUDIOMUC. The concierge service will put residents in touch with local service providers who will take care of cleaning, laundry, shopping or even looking after the apartment if it's going to be standing empty for some time. Routine patrols by staff and monitoring of the entrance ensure that the building’s regulations are complied with and provide residents with security, a not unimportant contribution to enhancing the quality of life in STUDIOMUC. The STUDIOMUC concierge is therefore much more than the friendly smiling face at the reception who makes everyone feel at home. With a modern, international-standard service portfolio the concierge service enhances the interest of the target group in the property and increases its letting potential.

As part of the security concept it optimises the value of the property, providing the investor with a further investment benefit.