Die studiomuc-Apartments sind zu 100% verkauft…Wir danken für Ihr Vertrauen!…Vermietung läuft ab sofort…Lassen Sie sich für künftige Apartment-Projekte vormerken…

In tune with the times,
responding to Munich's needs

Service apartments are the answer to a fast-moving world. Those whose work requires them to be mobile need a special kind of urban base: for such professionals furnished accommodation on a temporary basis is an ideal practical solution. The starting point for STUDIOMUC.

STUDIOMUC is the fifth apartment project by the Schimpel & Winter Immobiliengruppe (property group). It builds on the tradition of the highly popular STUDIOSUS apartments but redefines the requirements of the location, its users and changes in the world of work. The thinking behind this is that our global environment requires mobility. Changing work locations, projects which lasted a specific period of time and the centralisation of cultural life are leading to an increased demand for urban apartments. Today's singles are looking for a new form of residence. This requirement is met by STUDIOMUC. However, STUDIOMUC offers much more: this facility is not a residential complex but an "experience space" which becomes a home. The result is the kind of apartment building equipped with spirit and charm that mobile professionals are looking for. Ready to live!
Energy, taking the strain, saving time, slowing down, a trusted place of retreat – STUDIOMUC is an urban microcosm with better performance than other city properties. A secure investment and convenient temporary accommodation – all this is enabled by STUDIOMUC and is worthwhile in every respect.
This apartment concept offers incomparable opportunities for use and appreciation in value. For both private investors and for companies.

Gabriel Winter and Stephan Schimpel, managers of the Schimpel & Winter Immobiliengruppe about STUDIOMUC:

» Long-term acceptance by the market can only be achieved by properties which offer what people want and need. Our STUDIOSUS apartments are always fully let because here, too, the feel-good factor of the property was created from the very start.
STUDIOMUC is based on this experience, decisively building on the concept and successfully adapting it to the present-day business and single world. «