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New residential and feel-good benchmarks

Today people spend 90% of their time in closed rooms. The BOSTI studies in the US demonstrated as long ago as 1985 that our surroundings have a strong effect on our performance and feeling of well-being. The residential architecture of STUDIOMUC takes these findings into account. A further advantage which enables this development to extend its leading role on the market.

Innovative and impressive but not practicable for everyday life. This is often the verdict when we enter a new building. STUDIOMUC demonstrates that a new building can have a soul of its own from the very beginning. All those involved in the planning took into account aspects such as promoting the well-being and capacities of residents.

Taoist monks in China were already implementing scientific investigations into the positive design of living space 3000 years ago. Their know-how on the subject of creating harmony between human beings and their surroundings and creating locations which energise is summed up in the teachings of feng shui. Internally the architecture of STUDIOMUC is based on these principles. Two experts in this field in the persons of Franz Josef Leckel and Barbara Jurk were involved in the project planning from the very beginning. Each section of the building was analysed from an architecturally psychological point of view. Calm zones (yin areas) and active points (yang areas) were defined. As a building in which the polarity of yin and yang were taken into account it received a focal pointrepresenting the human heart. Those who enter the foyer approach it directly. A white marble plaque engraved with the millennia-old symbol of the "flower of life" marks this power centre. Here energy is concentrated and redistributed. For example the burdensome energy which is brought home from work in the evening is absorbed here and transformed into new, fresh energy.

All those who enter STUDIOMUC will not fail to be impressed by the harmonious colour design. The furniture, floor and lighting are perfectly matched. Thanks to its stylish arrangements STUDIOMUC provides intuitive guidance to communicative anchor points which promote communal life.

The garden oasis will also serve residents as a further source of vitality. Here the soul can breathe freely. The centrally located solitary rock is an ideal place for recharging the batteries after a strenuous working day, and there is good reason for this: the rock selected specially for STUDIOMUC comes from 300 million-year old granite deposits in the Bavarian Forest. The age of the rock enables natural primal energies to be generated here, which have a beneficial effect on the entire grounds and the building itself. Feng shui provides STUDIOMUC with a third dimension. Namely that of "good feeling". As a result a strong positive connection is developed between the building and its residents.

Nature as an air conditioning unit for the lounge
Relaxation, freshness, purity, well-being: all this is generated by the large green wall in the community section of the foyer. The increased humidity combined with the colours in the foyer fills visitors with a sensation of well-being. The resulting feeling of trust and closeness leaves a lasting impression in the subconscious. This is a place people are happy to return to – fully in line with the STUDIOMUC philosophy.