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The STUDIOMUC apartments: Maximum use of powerfully packaged space

The STUDIOMUC apartments have been perfected on the basis of valuable experience gained from the building of around 1000 city apartments for students. This turns space into smart living areas with a lot to offer. The space feels larger than the actual square metres.

Creating a spatial concept for apartments means combining a high level of functionality in a small space with an equal level of living atmosphere. In order to implement both requirements, those responsible for the layout planning and for the interior furnishing closely coordinated their operations. The result was a new apartment concept featuring with ingenious space-saving kitchens and highly efficient storage space. This was achieved by functional niches in the bathroom walls and space-saving sliding doors in the hall. The optimisation of floor plans in coordination with selected individual fittings has proved highly successful. The skilful addition of design classics makes the apartments unique on the Munich market: Typical STUDIOMUC!

Hard-wearing materials which will provide years of use and targeted measures for energy-saving highlight the aspect of sustainability which is important to both tenants and investors. Wear-resistant real-wood parquet flooring, elegant tiles, top-quality bathroom ceramics and the light admitted by large areas of glass ensure that living here is a sensuous experience. The perfectly matched, restrained colours of the walls, floors and furnishing are easy on the eye. Temperature-controlled flooring throughout. Of course the colours of the flooring also harmonise. In this respect, too, the aim and the result are the same: an apartment culture. Regardless of whether it is a studio with one level or a gallery apartment with an additional bedroom level and ceiling height of almost 5 m: each apartment variant has its own visible and noticeable value.

STUDIOMUC fulfils many housing requirements: the south west building provides apartments and gallery apartments sized between 22 and 49 m². In the garden buildings larger flats sized between 52 and 138 m² can also be provided as required. Because of the high quality benchmarks involved and the deep personal interests of the developers themselves no expense has been spared to furnish STUDIOMUC to the highest residential standards. These efforts cannot be expressed in numbers but are definitely priceless. The future residents will appreciate this. For investors it will be reflected in the yield of their investment.