Die studiomuc-Apartments sind zu 100% verkauft…Wir danken für Ihr Vertrauen!…Vermietung läuft ab sofort…Lassen Sie sich für künftige Apartment-Projekte vormerken…


Open to the world while at the same time providing privacy. In spite of the size of the building everything in STUDIOMUC is designed in such a way that its residents will immediately feel themselves at home. Nothing has been left to chance. The dimensions of each area are ideal. Why is this the case? Feng shui is one of the answers.

The entrance to the main building provides a sensation of welcome and well-being. The clearly structured spatial concept based on feng shui principles, the high-quality interior and carefully chosen mixture of materials provide the large lobby with a feeling of comfort and security.
The lounge acts as a forum for the whole building. Here people can meet and get to know each other. Here coming home means being welcomed to a pleasant residential atmosphere. Here you can chat with the concierge, collect the post from your box or buy your daily paper. The trickle of water, the fresh green of the plants, the warm tones of the wooden tables and the floor. Nothing is anonymous and artificial, everything is personal and natural.

And what is not generally known: the pleasant and homely feeling is created by the fact that almost every detail here is based on feng shui teaching. The yang side with the concierge desk designed specially for STUDIOMUC represents activity and excellent service. The left-hand area, the yin side with its large plant display, fountain and top-quality seating generates a high level of feel-good and regenerative energy. This feeling spreads through every part of the building, both inside and outside.

From the lounge elegant and generously sized lifts lead to all floors. There large glass walls in the hallways direct the glance outwards: either to the large, glassed-in garden patios which are lit up at night, or to the well-established trees by the roadside. However, thought has not just been given to the aesthetic side: the utility rooms on every floor represent a practical benefit, avoiding irritating trips to the cellar. Of course there is a convenient underground car park and, because Munich is a city of cyclists, a charging station for e-bikes. Everything has been thought of.

The apartments themselves are private and secure. You simply close the door and feel at home. Each resident has his or her own outdoor area which makes the living space look and feel larger.

As you can see: there are strong links between STUDIOMUC and the Olympics. Performance, respect, tolerance. Measuring it simply in monetary terms does not do justice to this development project.