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Components of the success: what do the architecture, construction quality and furnishings contribute?

[ Architecture ]
Attractiveness + functionality determine the value.

  • Prize-winning design with high recognition value and ingenious technical features - down to the last detail.
  • A rare piece of good fortune: Pleasantly relaxed building criteria
  • Comprehensive planning: Enclosed security, energy and emotion.

[ The spatial concept ] The basis for successful letting.

  • A clearly defined structure which gives residents stability and security.
  • Cleverly dimensioned layouts and quality interiors
  • The central entrance/lounge combines service with community values; well-organised building structure

[ Added value ] The greater the value to users, the higher the return.

  • As the third dimension feng shui provides maximum residential comfort
  • Concierge services offer international standards
  • Revenue generator: interior package with outstanding value for money
As a flagship property it will attract high demand. For investors this means that the risk can be precisely calculated.